People, Halloween is my Christmas.
I love it.

I told Blythe that we could go
anywhere she wanted for lunch, her response:

"I want to go to the pizza lunch at the tall buildings."

Translation....California Pizza Kitchen at The Gateway.

Off we went.
Funny Faces were made.
Mouths were stuffed.
Ice Cream was had.

After rest time, which was a movie and popcorn
special for Halloween, we were off to Trick Or Treat!

Blythe wanted to be Olivia the pig this year.

"But Olivia when she's at ballet class, not at school Mom."

Well okay then!

We first hit up the Trunk Or Treat at the church, then around our neighborhood a little.

Blythe marched right up to each door all alone and rang the bell and shouted
"Trick Or Treat" at the top of her lungs.

I love this girl.
And this holiday.

Double Whammy.


Just the Two of Us said...

You and Blythe look totally cute and look like you had a very fun Halloween. I hope it was everything you Trick or Treated it to be. :)

Joni said...

So cute. She makes a cute Ballerina Olivia!

Hales Family said...

Super cute! Love the costumes!