Look At What I'm Up To....

So guess what?

About a month ago my new, totally awesome, friend invited me to go to a Pampered Chef party with her. It was Halloween themed and so much fun! I really liked the consultant and all of the products that she introduced. At the end of the show she talked about her experience being a consultant and how much she had benefited from the experience.

Seriously folks, it was like lightening had hit me in the form of a Pampered Chef consultant.

I knew that this was for me. And that I could be awesome at it.

So, I took a leap, and I'm now a Pampered Chef consultant.

You should host a party....you can earn free stuff....eat yummo food...have fun with your friends...oh and earn free stuff....you can also earn free stuff....there will be stuff that's free.


Think about it.

Could be fun.


1 comment:

Hales Family said...

I love you Melissa! You always make me laugh... for free!

Good luck with your new business! I hope it all goes splendidly!