Three Things to Discuss.

Five Years:
On Friday Jameson and I celebrated five years o' matrimony.
I'm not gonna lie, we've had our ups and downs.
But I know without doubt, that I'm married to my best friend.

This Lady's Birthday:
It's today.
And if I had the means I would throw her the biggest party in the world.
There would be dancing hippos and tutus involved.
And a cake.
Of the gluten free persuasion.
She's been a rock for me this past year.
So very grateful for her.
Happy Birthday!!
And I wish I knew where my Goonies shirt was.

This Hot Chocolate Bar:

It was at a Pampered Chef party I worked on Thursday.
Set up by the uber talented Dru!
Holy moly friends, it was amazing.

The End.


Emilie said...

1. Love
2. Love
3. Love

P.S. You're gorgeous.

deb0318 said...

You are so sweet Melissa! The party was awesome and I hope you have huge success with Pampered Chef. You did a wonderful job! Big Hug!