Dear Blog and Blog Readers,

We've had some good times.
Had a few laughs.
But our time together has come to an end.

I no longer have to motivation to add to you.
And when I do it feels forced which is not worth it to me. 

You used to be fun.
But you're just not anymore.

What do they say...it's not you, it's me?

It really is me. 

And to my readers, if there are anymore, thanks for reading and your kind comments! 
I'll be leaving this up for a few more months so I can archive everything but I won't be posting anything new and I'll be deleting it come April.

Good tidings to all,


Anonymous said...

You are a very talented writer and have a unique way of wording your story. I hope that you have the opportunity to write further in one form or another.

Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

:( I will truly miss your blog. It was always worth reading.

kellygirl said...

yes. its like the death of a loved one. :(

Feriz and Cynthia said...

Sad day... I like what you post.

The Cunningham Clan said...

*sniffsniff* At least we have Facebook! ;)