Friends, I need some advice...

On a random afternoon in October the annual Toys R Us Christmas Catalog showed up in the mail and Blythe got her hands on it. She looked at every page very carefully when she came across this beauty:
Immediately she showed it to me and said that's what she wanted Santa to bring her. She talked about it almost everyday after that. Tore the page out of the catalog and taped it to her dresser. Told Santa, on all three visits, that's what she wanted. We scrimped and saved and were luckily able to put it under the tree.

So Christmas comes, Blythe fly's down the stairs, THRILLED, to see it there. We had to talk her into opening up her other presents because she was glued to it. And she played with it everyday for hours for the following week.

Well, these past few weeks I've noticed that she hasn't gone near it. So I asked her, "Blythe, do you still like your dollhouse?" To which she replied "no". I told her that it was such a nice dollhouse and that she should be grateful for it because there are little girls who have no toys. 

"Then give it to them."

I was stunned. Seriously. And kinda hurt. But I decided to let it go and dropped it for about a week.

Then today while we were picking up her room I asked her if she wanted to play with her dollhouse  and she said, "I don't want it anymore, give it to the little girl who doesn't have any toys."

Ok....so where do I go from here?

Do I put it away for awhile then bring it out again cuz maybe it's gotten old?

Do we actually take it to a shelter or something?

I'm so concerned about this because I want her to learn to be grateful for the things that she has. 

Any suggestions?? 

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Laci, Jonn, Kaden and Maylee said...

Kaden is doing the exact same things.... We are at a loss too!! I don't know how to teach him to be grateful!!! So I am not much help but at least your not alone ;) let me know the advice u get cause we could use it!!