Um, the 31st...What??

Ok, so it's the last day of May already! Wow, where did month go?! It's been a busy week, fun, but busy! I had a birthday on Monday and I'm now the ripe old age of 26, wow, time flies. I had such a great day. The Saturday before we went to dinner with Jameson's parents and they gave me the cutest purse! And of course they were all happy to see Blythe and she got passed around the table at least three times when we were there. I'm so glad that she has all these people that are crazy about her so she never has to worry if she's loved :o) It was nice to spend time with everyone. Jameson's family spends the summer on Lake Huron in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada and they are leaving next week. When they get home Blythe will be so big!! But we wish them a safe trip! On Monday we had a party here at my parents house with all of my family, including my sister Karen who lives in Lehi, whom we don't see to often. All the kids went swimming and it was just a fun time for everyone to be together! Thanks for coming everyone!
Jameson is well into his new job now and is iffy as to whether or not he likes it, but a job is a job and we are so grateful! I signed Blythe and myself up for a 'Mommy & Me' swim class at the rec center and we start on Tuesday, I'm hoping that Blythe will continue to love swimming as she grows. She's getting so big, six months old already....whew....where did the time go??

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