Kick Your Feet!

Blythe started swimming lessons on Tuesday and she loved it! We are taking a 'Mommy and Me' class at the rec center, it's twice a week for a half hour and consists of one instructor and about five other mommies with their kids. Blythe is the youngest and the oldest child is about two. For the first class we spent time getting our child used to the water and each other. Blythe was so cute she 'babbled' the whole time and loved looking at all the other kids around her. One of the excercises was to lay her back against my shoulder with her legs sticking straight out. I would hold them and kick them up and down and say, 'kick, kick, kick', then I let go and she started doing it herself! She's a natural I tell ya! She loves the water and seeing all the new kids and things. 
So every summer Jameson's family heads to Canada where they spend the summer at the family cottage on Lake Huron in Grand Bend Ontario. His mom and two sisters left on Thursday morning and it was so sad to see them go! Usually we would head up there in a few weeks, but we can't afford it this summer so we will have to wait a few months until we see them again. Safe travels to everyone!! Oh yeah, and the two pictures are of the Family Cottage and one of the views on the beach, which is right in the back yard :o) Yep, it's pretty much the greatest place on earth!

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