Well it's official, we have the cutest little girl on the planet! We took her to get her six month pictures done and what a little ham for the camera she was! Just smiled and laughed and loved every minute of the attention. All of her shots turned out so cute and I'm so excited to hand them out to everyone!
On Saturday I headed down to Lehi to watch my niece Emily compete in the Miss Lehi Pageant. She was simply amazing!! In the end she won Miss Photogenic, Interview, Swimsuit, and Talent, but best of all, she won Miss Lehi!! I'm so proud of her and the things that she has accomplished, she has truly grown to into an amazing woman. My little niece Sydney went with me, and she was so good through the whole thing and right as they were about announce the winners, she leans over and says, 'I need to go potty', but the champ held it to the end. 
On Monday we spent the day doing some shopping and getting the errands run that we needed, and Jameson's Dad was awesome and watched Blythe for us so we could go to a movie together. It was nice to just have some one on one time. That's it for now!

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