It's Weird Right?

Okay is it just me or is the weather just crazy this summer? When I finally ventured outside around ten this morning it was 40 degrees, 40 DEGREES!! At ten in the morning on June 11th, and it only reached a high of 63 today! We have yet to get into the 90's since the beginning of June and I am just blown away! Now don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for the chill weather cause I hate the heat, but it's just weird.
Also why I'm going on and on. Does our economy freak anyone else out? Gas prices! The cost of fresh produce! Even formula, holy cow!! I'm just praying the it gets better. But it kinda makes me think cause President Hinkley told us all to get out of debt and build up our food storage, he really knew what he was talking about. I'm trying hard to stress about it because I can't control it, but it's scary. 
Jameson's job is going really well and he seems to like it. He's so cute in his uniform, even though he hates it, it's awesome. Eventually I need to post some pictures of him in it on here. That's all my jabber for now....

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Morrill said...

Hi to the Morrill Bunch. I bet you didn't think I would ever respond. I am in my tech class right now and they are making us work on Blogs. I am sceptical of these in general so I deceided to visit your blog and post something instead of posting something on my own blog. Hope things are going well. Thanks for letting me babysit Blythe the other night.

Love David