Pictures And History, And Pictures of History...

I'm finally getting a little better at the blogging scene, and I learned how to import pictures off my camera onto the computer so we are in business. You will have to forgive me if I go overboard with the pictures, but I can't take enough these days! And 'B' changes so much that I have to keep our family on the beach updated:o) 
On Friday we ventured up to the North end of the valley and did a little exploring. First we stopped off at the Air Force Museum in Roy and strolled through all the airplanes and soaked up the history behind them. Jameson LOVES that place and knows so much about the planes and things that he could give his own personal tours. 
After that we went up to Ogden to see the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall. Jameson has been to the one in DC and I'd never seen it at all so we thought it would be a good experience. My father in law has a cousin who was killed in the war so we called and got his name and went to find it. They had a booth where you could give them the name of someone and their home town and they would tell you where on the wall they were located. It took us a little bit of searching but we found it!! Out of all the names is was so interesting to have a connection to one of them. It made me think and remember that every name on that wall had a story. I truly honor the men and women who are fighting for or have died for our freedom. I'm so glad we went up there and it was truly and eye opener. 
Later that night we headed down to Riverton to see Jameson's dad one last time before he headed to Canada. He treated us all to dinner and a movie. We saw The Hulk, I was nervous at first because I'm not really into those kinda movies, but I LOVED IT!! I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going to see it, it's amazing!! 
Yesterday Jameson had to work all day so Blythe and I headed to Gateway to do a little shopping and check out the sidewalk chalk art contest they were having. Man, people are so talented!! I kept thinking about how sad it would be when they opened the street back up and people would drive on the drawings! Amazing stuff!

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