Ladies and Gentlemen...

WE HAVE A TOOTH!! Yesterday morning while Blythe was eating her breakfast she grabbed my hand and started to chew on it. I thought I felt a little something so I took a peek and there it was! On the bottom in the front, a tiny tooth poking it's little head out for the world to see! I was so excited that I cheered and scared Blythe and she started to cry but once she saw me and Jameson's smiles she laughed. I took her upstairs to show Nana and Poppa and told everyone I saw that my little baby had her first tooth! 
Also, Blythe is able to sit up by herself now! She will hold it for about three minutes then she decides she wants to play with her toys and plops over. Wow, she's getting so big! One of her new favorite things is sitting in her little Bumbo and watching Elmo's World. She's so cute, when he sings she laughs and whenever there is a baby on she goes nuts!! Where does time go? Before I know it we will be picking out dresses for the prom.....As for the pictures I posted, the first one is her watching Elmo, then sitting up alone, and with the third her hair just looked funny so I had to post it for her Grandma who's away for the summer cause I know she's having Blythe-Withdrawls, we miss you!!

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Aaron & Carrie Warnick said...

thanks for your comments on there. I didn't know you had a blog. Your daughter is beautiful. Now that I know your on here we can keep in touch. My dad really liked you Melissa. I know that he appreciated all you did for him and the love you have for him. Thanks for that.