Cute Babies,Fried Oreos,Declarations and Polka Dot Binkinis...

Wow, I'm kinda behind on the blogging! So, last Friday I decided that I wanted to enter Blythe into the baby show at the Davis County Fair, so Jameson and I packed up and went out to Farmington! Wow, tons and tons of babies! All the babies got numbers, and were divided up by age groups, then we were to take em up on stage and hope they turn on the charm. Well, Blythe didn't win but it was fun anyway. It was kinda silly cause there were some moms there that were acting like it was a pageant, and were really into it, but it was fun nonetheless. 
Later that day we heard there was an origional copy of the declaration of Independence at the Capitol so we headed up there to see it. After three and a half hours of waiting in line, we finally got to see it. Pretty neat to see a piece of our nations history.
And last but not least, we have been doing a ton of swimming this summer and I decided to post some pics of one of our outings. I can't get over her little swim suit and her belly that sticks out. And when we get out and Jameson wraps her up, she looks like a little burrito. And he usually gets a kiss too! 
Oh yeah, fried oreos, I only see them at the fair, and MAN, they are so good! Good thing I can only get them twice a year!!

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Aaron & Carrie Warnick said...

Blythe is so cute. Your such a lucky mommy! It sounds like you summer has been a very busy one. That is really good! I have never had fried oreos and I have to say by the look of them I really don't want to try them. Well we are homeless kindof here in utah but I start work tomorrow. We will see how things go. We are continuing to look for something so if you see anything that is a good price and in a good part of town holler our way. C u!