Getting So So Big, Rolling It, September, Yams or Sweet Potatoes??

Ok, so Blythe is nine months old already, nine months!! NINE!! Yup! And everyday she is doing something new, she's walking all along furniture, making new noises, loves to sing along with music, and even dances a little. And, the other day I looked over at her, and she had let go of the couch and was standing on her own! I counted and it lasted 7 seconds, and she has done it a few more times!! She's going to be walking before I know it! And can I just say, I love to watch her explore? It's so cute when she picks little things up and passes it back and forth between her hands. It's especially cute when she's sitting in the grass because she just looks at it for a long time like what is this? And her newest thing is when we sing Patty Cake she rolls her arms and throws her hand up into the air, SO CUTE!!
I just have to say, it's almost September!! Wow, where did August go!?! It's crazy to see kids walking to school in the mornings again, and the lights on in the school zones. I swear the air outside smells different on the first day of school. I'm sad that the summer is over, but I'm excited for cooler weather. 
And last but not least, is there really a difference between sweet potatoes and yams? Anyone? Sorry today was just about this and that....but I added a cute picture!


Chris and Lesley said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow? I can't believe that Bailey will be 10 months old on Wednesday. I love to watch her grow and learn new things every day too! Miss ya!

April said...

Not sure exactly what it is but sweet potatoes are more like a potato. They are really hard to cut to make french fries but once you cook them, they are amazing. I think yams are a bit sweeter and darker. A sweet potato is white on the inside and then it darkens when you cook it. Yams are always dark and cost less. Not sure if you really wanted to know this but here you go.