Goodbye Uncle Brian, State Fairs and New Teeth....

Well shame on me, I've kinda fallen behind! I get to reading everyone else's blogs, and tend to forget to update mine. So forgive me if this is a little long.
First off, the Sunday before last, was Jameson's little brother Brian's mission farewell. He's serving in the Fiji,Suva, French speaking mission. I know, tough luck right? Anywho, we headed down and attended their sacrament meeting and listened to Brian's great talk. Jameson's Grandma Lyn and Uncle Jeffery flew in from Michigan, and tons of family showed up. Grandma Lyn hadn't seen Blythe since Feb. and she went nuts over how big she's gotten and how cute she is. And of course Blythe just ate it all up! She also got to meet a bunch of her cousins, including her little second cousin Caden. She was so funny, she just wanted to touch his eyes, and play with his hands. She hasn't seen very many other babies, so this was all new for her. 
So on Tuesday night, all of Jameson's siblings and his parents got together and we all went out to dinner and spent our last night together as a family, at least for awhile. Then we went back to the house and the Stake President came over and set Brian apart as a missionary. A bunch of his friends came over and the living room was packed with all these people there supporting Brain. He was so so so excited to go, and we know he will do a great job and make a fantastic missionary. So goodbye to Uncle Brian!! 
Next, tonight we headed off on our annual trip to the Utah State Fair! YAY!! We met Jameson's sisters there and had a great time! Blythe loved looking at all the people and the bright lights. And she went nuts over the animals! I love watching her soak in her surroundings, and figure out what everything is. She's awesome! And I got to eat the funnel cake that is my destiny!
And last but not least, Blythe has been cranky, cranky for the past few days, I couldn't figure out what was going on. But Saturday morning, lo and behold, the reason for her grumpy state presented itself in the form of two front teeth! Their little heads were poking through her red swollen gums. I feel so bad for her. So I broke out the teething kit, and things are a little more happy around our house! 
I hope everyone is happy and healthy and enjoying the cooler weather!


Chris and Lesley said...

YAY for new teeth!! It's funny - Bailey cut her first tooth this past week too!! It would be so fun to get together and let the girls play (and we can catch up on things)!! We may just have to plan that for one of these days!! Miss ya!

Chris and Lesley said...

Tag your'e it. See my blog for info!!