Mommy's Home, Big People Food and Sunday Mornings...

So where on earth did the month go? Anyone know? Has anyone seen it? Holy Cow, it's already half over! Crazy! Oh well, it just means we are getting closer to Halloween which happens to be my 'Christmas'. :o) Well, this month has brought a big change for us as a family. I left my morning job and am now staying at home with Blythe. YAY!! I loved my job and the lady I worked for, but I NEVER got to see Jameson and it was beginning to take a toll on us as a family so we made the decision that I needed to be home in the mornings. I am doing a little part-time work for Jameson's Aunt so we can stay up on the bills. But for the most part, I'm home with my fam now. 
So for the past few days Blythe has shown a huge interest in everything that Jameson and I eat, so at her nine month check up the doctor told us that we needed to be giving her more 'Big People Food', so she can get accustomed to new flavors and textures. Well, needless to say, she is a fan! She will eat a whole banana in one sitting, and I think she would eat a whole box of Cheerios if I let her. When we went to IHop this morning, I got one of those smiley pancakes for her, and she ate the whole thing! Little Miss Piggy! But she's so cute cuz when she eats she makes all these smacking noises and says 'mmmmmm'. Also, this week she learned how to click her tounge, so when she's not eating or doesn't have a binkie in her mouth, that's what we hear. And the other night she was even doing it in her sleep. I'm thinking she might be on the road to sleepwalking because I went in her room the other night to get something, and she was practically crawling around her crib but she was asleep. And on the monitor I always hear her moving around. She's so funny.
Sunday mornings have been a lot different lately. When Jameson and I began dating he wasn't into sports at all, didn't play them or watch them. I being a girl who can't stand football and such was so happy cause I thought, 'I'll never loose my hubby to football games on tv'. Well, I spoke too soon, Jameson all of the sudden started to love it, and now that is what's on Sunday mornings. Oh well, I can't complain, it's only one day a week. :o) 
 To explain the pics, the first picture is after Blythe had her first Oreo, and the second, we were looking at Halloween costumes at Target and Jameson got ahold of the candidates masks. It was so funny but Blythe was so freaked out it took us ten minutes to calm her down. 

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Nikki *Ü* said...

Um, first off, you need to tell your sister things like quitting your job. Duh!! Then we move on to the fact that I had no clue that was supposed to be Obama. With Jameson's stripped shirt, I figured he was a referee. LOL I'm guessng Blythe enjoyed the Oreo, eh?