Body Worlds,Tongue Clicker, Blah Blah Blah....

So today we decided to get out of the house and go to that Body Works exhibit at The Leonardo. Well, needless to say, if anyone out there is thinking about going, don't! It is so not worth the money, not even close! It cost $22 a person, and I think they know it's not worth it because before you even go i there are signs everywhere saying that there were no refunds at all. Granted, it is kinda cool, if you keep reminding yourself it's real people, but it was so short, all the same thing, and we were just dissapointed. If you want to see it, just Google it and the pics that come up are good enough, I promise! 
Blythe has learned a new little trick of clicking here tongue. It's so cute, she does it all the time and knows that I think it's funny so she makes sure I'm paying attention and loves when I do it along with her. I love it in the morning when she wakes up and we hear her through the monitor clicking her tongue. 
So now that the season is changing, I figured it's time that I make some changes around my house and get organized. That was my new years resolution and I'm thinking I need to complete my goal before the year is out, which will happen before I know it. I will admit, I have the hardest time staying on top of my house since I had my little one. I get overwhelmed with everything and spend the day not even knowing where to start so I don't get anything done at all. I've finally kicked my own butt and told myself that I have to start small and eventually everything will get done. I did finally get our hallway cleaned out and moved Blythe's toys moved out there and that was a small victory in itself. There is a website my sister introduced me to called Flylady.com and I'm trying her baby steps that she suggests. I love how she says to do something as little as 'shining your sink' every night so it's clean in the morning, and just little things like that can help your motivation. So yeah, that's where my attention is now, organizing this house. I told Jameson that he needs to pull the swamp cooler out of the window so I can do my 'fall cleaning'. Where does the time go? Wish me luck!

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