October=Sick Family

Well, I guess the old saying 'When it Rains It Pours', is very applicable to my little family this month. At the beginning of this month Jameson got a bad cold and cough and Blythe and I got the stomach flu. So we've spent the last few weeks taking it easy and trying to recover. Jameson is doing better accept for a little bit of coughing he has left. And Blythe WAS doing better, the word being WAS. Sadly on Monday she started running a fever and had a drippy, drippy nose. As the week has gone on she's started a nasty cough and pulling on her ears. She's been up for the past three nights and the poor little thing has been simply miserable. So this morning I took her to the doctor and sure enough, she has strep and infections in both ears! I feel so bad, she's had such a crummy month. I'm so grateful that we have modern medicine to turn to when an illness arises. 

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