Too Much For a Clever Title....

There are a lot of things I want to blab about so here we go!!! First of all, have you ever heard of 'Mother's Cookies'? They make the iced animal cookies, oatmeal cookies, and my personal favorite, Circus Animal Cookies, as well as many other varieties. Well, THEY WENT UNDER!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm so sad because I LOVE these cookies so much, I buy a bag almost every time I go grocery shopping, and can eat the bag in one sitting if I let myself. So I ran to the store when I heard and tried to stock up and there were only two bags left!! And I didn't want to be the jerk who took the last bag so I only got one, but still, I'm so sad that I won't be able to experience their yumminess anymore and I will especially miss eating the little sugar balls out of the bottom of the bag. So farewell my old friend, you will be missed! And my sympathies to all who lost their jobs because of yet another companies demise. 
On to happier things, (it's sad that the end of a cookie affects me this much), like Blythe! She just gets more entertaining as the days go by. This weekend I was invited to a Scentsy party that some of my friends were holding and I decided to take Blythe along so she could get out of the house. While we were there, another guest came with her 8-month-old baby girl and Blythe was just so enthralled by her! She kept crawling over and trying to touch her eyes and put her fingers in her mouth, meanwhile, the other little girl kept taking out Blythe's binky and putting it in her mouth. It was so funny to watch them interact with each other. They also starting 'talking' and I swear that they understood each other. I really need to make an effort to get out there and let Blythe interact with more children so she can realize that they are actually other people and not something for her to play with. 
Also I posted a couple of pictures of her, one in a cute hat that my mom got her, that would be great for the winter and some pictures except that Blythe refuses to leave it on longer than a second. And she looked so cute in her dress for church today that I had to take a couple of pictures. I love this dress but she can't crawl in it at all because it's so long. And her little shoes are so slick on the bottom that she couldn't even stand up. 
Does anyone have an XBox 360? Well if you are thinking about getting one, don't! We have had ours for about six months and last week it just stopped working. I called the support number and they said it was still under warranty and they would fix it for free. I had to package it up for shipping, and they would email me a UPS label I could send it in. They said it would take min. three weeks to get it back if they could fix it at all. So I waited a week and never received a label so I gave them a call back this afternoon and they said that it was sent and I said that I didn't get it. The guy said he would have to open a whole new work order. So he took down all my information and said it would take a few minutes to open it up if I wouldn't mind holding. I held on the line for 20 minutes then they hung up on me!!! I called back and they said that they were closed!!! I was livid!! I am livid!! We use our XBOX a lot and also use it as our DVD player. Not that I can't live without it, but it was an expensive sucker and I'm pissed that first of all it broke and second they are giving me the run around when trying to get it fixed. So I'm going to attempt to get it all taken care of this week, and if I'm still not getting any answers, I'm going to get Gephardt! YAY!!! Well, that's it for now!


Nicole *Ü* said...

K, could she be any cuter than that first picture? Love it!! Love the dress and that she was so lovey with me at church today. I'm so sad about the cookies!!! You need to share that last bag with me!! ;)

Alycia said...

Hey Melissa! I found your blog on Melanie & Steves & thought I'd add it to mine - hope you don't mind!! Your little girl is SO cute by the way!