Turkey Day 2008

What a great holiday! I must admit, that over the past 8 years or so, I have not been such a fan of Thanksgiving. I didn't really see the point, and I honestly sort of loathed the day. But this year, oh wow, I had such a wonderful day!! I really had time to reflect on my life and it's blessings. We spent the day at Jameson's Aunt and Uncles in Alpine. They have a gorgeous home, and they always throw a great party. The food was amazing, and it was so fun to see everyone. Blythe was such a charmer, she was friendly with everyone and was just laughing and smiling. She was also, all over the place exploring!! Jameson's aunt has stables so we took Blythe out to see a horse for the first time. She loved it! I think she was a little intimidated by their size, but she still wanted to touch them and find out what they were all about. Here are some pics from our day, I hope everyone had a great holiday!!

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