Agh! The Resolutions!

It's that lovely time of year again. The time of year where you sit back and reflect on the events of the past 365 days. You look at the joys, the sadness, the lessons learned. And most of all, you set your goals for the coming year. Before I publicly announce my resolutions for 2009, let's review what I set for 2008.

2008 Resolutions & Results
1. Loose 100 pounds > I gained 35
2. Be More Organized > I accumulated 2 more junk drawers
3. Eat Healthier > I accuired an addiction to Diet Coke 
4. Be a Better Wife > My hubby is still here and still happy so...

Ok here they are...

2009 Resolutions
1. Keep A Cleaner, Happier, Safer, Homey House.
2. Take Better Care of Myself, Inside and Out
3. Be a Better Mommy and Wife
4. Go To the Temple With My Family
5. Improve My Knowledge of The Things I love

So there they are, and here is goes!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Heather said...

thats exactly why i don't make new years resolutions.....they never last for more than like a month. i'm in denial about the whole thing!