I GOT MY XBOX 360 BACK.....AND IT WORKS!! Yup, tis truth I speak! I'm so happy that I got Gephardt involved. I'm not going to go into detail because I want you all to watch the story. It will be on KUTV Channel 2 News at 10pm on Monday!!! So everyone watch my seven seconds of fame. Now keep in mind, I won't look too glamourus because, well, every time the camera crew came it was sort of last minute and I didn't really have time to pull myself together. Oh well, at least I'm getting my point across. Hope y'all tune in!!

Side Note: Um, has anyone let Mother Nature know that it's December? Just wondering....


Chris and Lesley said...

Yup I am wondering when Mother Nature will wake up and realize that it's December!! Although I hate driving in the snow so I am thankful it's not here in that sense!

YEAH!!! For the XBOX!! I will totally try and remember to watch on Monday!! I am glad it works now!

Heather said...

wahoo! and no kidding...where is the snow!