Good Things Utah & Vincent D'Onofrio

So, I LOVE Vincent D'Onofrio. Love, love, love him. And I never watch Good Things Utah, but last week, the two collided and changed my fate forever!! A couple of days ago a friend of mine made some cookies that were amazing and she told me that she got the recipie from the show. So I went on the shows website in search of said recipie when there it was. An announcment that Vincent would be on the show as a host the following week. "Oh Man!" I thought to myself, "I must be there to bask in his wonderfulness!" Knowing that their audiences probably fill fast I emailed the audience coordinater and begged for a single ticket for the coming of a legend. Graciously she wrote back and said I was in. Oh, imagine my excitement!! What was I going to wear? What would I say when I met him? 
Finally the day arrived and it was as magical as I had imagined. He is so amazing. SO SO SO amazing! He didn't have any time for autographs or pictures after the show so I just had to take shots when I could. But on one of the commercial breaks I got a great shot and asked him to smile for me. I'm so grateful I got to go. Maybe one day I will get an autograph, but until then, this shall suffice. 


April said...

That's so cool!

Lozzie Cap said...

A HUGE HUGE thank you for posting this story and these pictures! I am a fan of Vincent's but, as I live in the UK, have no hope whatsoever of ever getting to meet the guy :( So stories like yours are special for me!

I write for one of his most popular fan-blogs, called Team Thirteen Projects. May I ask for your permission to repeat your story and photographs so more of his fans can see them?

Kind regards

Laura (Lozzie) xx

TheMorrillBunch said...

you are more than welcome to use my comments, how did you find my blog?

Lozzie Cap said...

Thank you, thank you very much!

I found your blog because I have a thing on Google that tells me if there is a new post that mentions VDO. It's how I find all the news stories about him. Otherwise I'd have no idea what to write about ..!


Laura x

fuzzytweetie said...

Great story, thank you SOOO much for sharing!!!

Nicole *Ü* said...

Glad you had fun! For some reason, the pics aren't loading, so I'll look at them another time. Until then, SHARE THE RECIPE for the cookies!!!! LOL