It's My Party. I'll cry If I want To. There Was no Need.

Today was my birthday. I am the ripe old age of 27. Today Jameson gave me the most awesome gift. A WHOLE DAY. What does that mean? You might ask. I got to have the whole day to myself. Me, myself, and I. Now don't get me wrong, love my family. My hubby and tot are my world. But sometimes a girl just needs some, well, time. I went shopping. Got a pedi. Ate sushi. Read my book while eating sushi. Went to movie. Walked out of movie. And just took some deep breaths.





Ate a TON of doughnuts and no one judged me. 




Laci, Jonn and Kaden said...

Oh man!!! What a perfect birthday!!! Seriously!!! I could not think of anything better!!! What a good hubby to watch your sweet little girl all day!!!

liza said...

Happy Birthday Melissa! Love Viv's pic! Liza

April said...

Happy belated birthday. I love donuts!

Heather said...

that sounds like the PERFECT b-day! Happy birthday!