Pajama Day. Ok Days.

Four years ago I had major reconstructive surgery on my jaw. Four days ago, I noticed something felt funny. So I took a quick trip into the oral surgeon's office for him to take a look. Turns out, I had a screw loose. Literally, one of the seven tiny titanium screws that hold my jaw together was loose, and starting to come out. Scary yeah? And two days later I was in his surgical center to have it removed or something like that. To make a long story short, they couldn't find a vein, so I got to be awake the entire time, he got in there, saw that it was just a little bit poking out and smoothed it out. I WAS AWAKE. Numb. And AWAKE. It was scary. But p.s. my doc is amazing and talked me through the whole thing. So I have been laying in bed the past two days, watching movies and enjoying the side effects of pain meds. 
On a much lighter note. Can I just say how lucky I am? I have the sweetest little lady for a daughter and such a stud for a husband. Blythe is getting so big, and learning new things everyday. She's so dang funny with all of things she does, and her little personality just shines. And my sweet husband. I am so blessed. His willingness to do anything he can so I can stay home with Blythe just leaves me speechless. And for those of you who know me well, lack of speech is not something I struggle with. 

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Heather said...

scary! anything with the mouth freaks me out! i had to be put under for my wisdom teeth, and fillings...holy crap i'm a baby, so I have to hand it to you! what a brave woman. and I have to agree pain meds the best!