The Grocery Store Through My Eyes....

I love food. All types of food. There is VERY little that I won't eat. I love learning about food. 
So as you can imagine, a simple trip to the grocery store is just a little more to me. I like to go down each isle and, if time and Blythe permits, I look at all sorts of stuff, picking it up, smelling it, wondering what I would use it for. Blah blah blah. Well the other day I had my camera with me. And this is what I saw......

For My Horse :)

This Could Be Exciting

Or This....

 Oh Man, Look at All The Spices!!

Ok, this is caviar...at the grocery store....in Bountiful.

Hmmmmm...maybe whale toothpaste?

I love the little weirdo food island by the deli!!

As opposed to wet?

Pear Cheese, yum!!

So many different kinds of cheeses!!!

I know. I'm weird.

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