It's amazing the power that a simple weekend getaway to mountains has to get you to take time out and take inventory of your life. Think about the way things are going. Smile about your accomplishments. Frown upon remembering the mile-long to do list that's patiently waiting for you under the Cabo San Lucas magnet on the fridge at home. 
I'm currently sitting on the balcony of our condo. Jameson and Blythe are both taking much needed naps and everything is quiet. 
It's much cooler here, about 75 degrees. A nice break from the 100's. 
There is a nice breeze blowing and there is a nest of birds in the tree next to the balcony. I can smell the sunscreen and chlorine coming off the towels from this morning's trip to the pool which are hanging up to dry. 
I think I'll go eat a popsicle.

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