What's the deal with the crusts?

What is it about the crust? I've never had a problem with it. I remember growing up I used to go to "Roberta's", (names have been changed to protect the innocent), house after school until my mom came home from work. She was, and is, one of the sweetest people I know. In her basement she has this rickety old piano that was always out of tune and she would have us practice for her. She also had this amazing collection of retro 1970's barbies that her daughter played with growing up. "Roberta" was extremely religious. At the same time everyday she would be on the phone for a half hour with her prayer circle. Once I picked up the phone by accident.  I listened the whole time, it was spiritual. I still remember their words. "Roberta" had a huge jewelry box on her dresser full of brooches, old pearls, big rings and droopy earrings. When I was supposed to be taking a nap I would sit at her dresser and go through each piece trying it on and seeing how it looked in the mirror. Ok rambling....back to the crusts. 
One day "Roberta" was making me a PB&J for lunch. I walked in the kitchen right as she was about to cut off the crusts. I said, "No, I like the crusts." She replied with, "that's unusual". I walked out of the kitchen feeling special because I liked the crusts. 


Nicole *Ü* said...

ROFLMBO I love "Roberta"!!! and her Barbies and her peanut butter cookies and watching Scooby Doo at her house and that her husband recently let my son out of the locker he had been locked in while the girls were having dance practice. LOL

Anonymous said...

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