The Pioneer Woman...With a Dash of Dooce

Today I had the chance to meet one of my favorite people ever!!!
The Pioneer Woman came to SLC for a book signing!
Her book, to be more specific.
Here she is being introduced, and photographed....seriously like a rock star.
You should have seen the flash.
My pics blow because of course, I couldn't find my camera since I'm so organized and all.

And naturally, she takes pictures too.
Because of a very sweet lady, I was able to sit in front and I ended up on her blog!
While waiting in line I met Dooce!
Honestly I sort of expected her to be a jerk in real life.
She is so sincere and simply a lovely person.
(She looks a little drunk in this pic.)
Three hours later I finally made it to the front of the line.
She was everything I imagined she would be.
Where is the pic of us together you ask?
Mom didn't know how to work the IPhone...that's okay though.....
So. Worth. The. Wait.

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