Earn It.

I want the Wii Fit Plus.
I own the Wii Fit, but of course I want the new one.
When I told Jameson, he chuckled and reminded me
that I hardly touch the one we have.
Good point.
So, I've decided that instead of just running out and buying it
I'm going to make myself earn it.
The rule is I have to use my Wii Fit six days a week
for at LEAST 20 minutes a day for a month.
Wow, that's a run on sentence.
If I do that, then I can go get the new one.
It makes me feel a little bit better about getting it.
This starts tonight, I'll keep you updated!


Michelle said...

what will you do with the old one? dibs?:) I guess I'd need a wii first.
What's the book?

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

you are so funny melissa. i love your humor...and i will FIGHT michelle for the wii fit #1 if someone happens to give us a wii between now & then.

Anonymous said...

You know you can upgrade from Wii Fit to the Wii Fit Plus for only $20, right? I'm not sure how exactly it works, but that's much better than buying the new one for almost $100.

Michelle said...

Thanks a lot anonymous, you just ruined my chances and a good cat fight. Just kidding, of course. It is all in good humor.