The Story of My Firstborn Pt.3

Okay so....

We pull up to the front of her house. I was seriously frozen. (I use to word 'seriously' too much.) I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe. For as long as I can remember I've pictured this moment in my head. She would see me from far away, we would pause, then run toward each other with open arms and the sun would be setting, doves would be flying, and 'Somewhere Out There' from An American Tale playing in the background.
Maybe not that dramatic, but pretty close.
But at that very moment, I had no idea what to expect.
After a few more minutes I got out of the car and there she was. We both just stood there for a minute staring at each other. Then she pulled me in for a hug. It was such a great moment.
Then her mom came out of the house and she took my face her hands and told me I was beautiful and kissed me on both cheeks.
There isn't much more I can say about that day because there aren't any words to describe how I felt. I was able to meet my Uncle, Cousins and Great Grandma, all of them were so welcoming and just kept staring at us saying they couldn't believe how much we looked alike.
Nancy and I also talked a little bit about my biological father. And that's the one detail of the story I will keep to myself.
And at the end of the day we parted ways promising to keep in touch.

Two Months Later....

The rest of May and June hadn't gone very smoothly. My grandpa died a few weeks after we returned home from California. And I'd also planned on spending the summer working in Pennsylvania at a girls camp I'd worked at the summer before. But when I got out there I had to turn around a week later and come home because of health problems. And had surgery a week later. After the surgery I was told that because of the bad shape my ovaries were in and how much scar tissue I had due, that chances of me ever having children were slim to none.
So I hunkered down, looked for a job, and prepared to return to St. George in the fall. I spent most of July just working and hanging out with one of my best friends Ryan and his room mates, and began dating a guy named Josh from my singles ward around the first of August. I'd also been keeping in good touch with Nancy and was looking forward to a visit from her in September. Things were going good, or so I thought.

Around the middle of September I made a call to my doctor. He had told me that it would take me a few weeks to feel 100% after my surgery, and I was concerned that I seemed to be feeling worse as the days went by. My period hadn't come back either, and he said that it usually only takes month. After I explained my concerns to him he asked me if there was any way I could be pregnant. I had to really think about it. I'd only been with one person, one time, that summer and I was on the pill, we used a condom, and I took the morning after pill. I told the doctor that, but he suggested I take an at home test just in case but we would make an appointment anyway.
I hung up with him thinking he was nuts, there was no way I could be pregnant. I would see him in a few days and we would get some answers about why I wasn't feeling good.

The next afternoon I went to Target to get a few things and happened to pass the pregnancy tests. I really don't know why, because I sincerely believed there was NO way I was pregnant, but I picked one up and threw it in the cart. I had plans to hang out with Ryan that night and I was running behind so when I got home, I peed on it, set it on the back of the toilet and hopped in the shower....


Laci, Jonn and Kaden said...

I check your blog everyday!!!! I love reading all about your story........ and the fun little things u put on it...keep it up

Hales Family said...

Man, you suck! Did I mention how much I struggle with that whole "patience is a virtue" thing?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

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