New Year=New Goals

Well here we go.
Another year gone.
And another year begun.

I've set some goals for myself.
But first.....let's review:

2009 Resolutions
1. Keep A Cleaner, Happier, Safer, Homey House/Still working on it:)
2. Take Better Care of Myself, Inside and Out/I'm still alive, less pain though
3. Be a Better Mommy and Wife/we are a stronger happier family
4. Go To the Temple With My Family/my views have changed some
5. Improve My Knowledge of The Things I love/oh yeah, blogging, food, cooking, sewing, scrap booking, I've read a ton, and practiced a ton, I think this goal was my most accomplished this year

Now that I've gone over my goals I feel better.
I'm proud.
I think I did good last year.
And I really learned a lot about myself, my hubby,
and my role as a mommy.
Now onto this year:

2010 Resolutions
1. Get More Organized.
2. Be Healthier
3. Make and Follow a Budget & Build a 'Rainy Day' fund

Sweet and simple this year.
So Auld Lang Sign Everyone.

Okay, one more...

4. Figure out what the heck 'Auld Lang Sign' means.

1 comment:

Nicole *Ü* said...

Auld lang syne literally means "old long since" and is Scottish. Basically it means "in days gone by" or something like that. Interesting resolutions. I generally don't make them. LOL Good luck with this years and congrats on last year's!! You'll have to share about the changing of the temple views.....