I Want To Talk About Desserts.

I have a passion for desserts.
A passion that runs deeply within my soul.
I think about them often.
Eat them way too much.
And dream about them constantly.
I love just about all desserts.
But I do have favorites.
They are as follows:


p.s. I hate ice cream. Weird huh?


peckette said...

You are a wierdo! Whats funny is out of all the desserts you listed as you favorite, I only like the carrott cake!

Janet B. said...

In my opinion, dessert is a waste of time and calories if it does not include chocolate. There are a few exceptions. Carrot cake may be one of them.

Nicole *Ü* said...

I already knew you were weird. LOL I love deserts too!! Yumm!!!!!

Sherri said...


Dis you work at the SLC Hampton when David brought in carrot cake??? YUMM-O!!