I've been sewing.
Or 'creating' as my mom calls it.
I haven't been using patterns because they really confuse me.
I've gone to a few crafting sites and found easy tutorials that spell things out simply.
Here's one of my recent creations.

I just picked out five different fabrics, then put them all together.
And I used a scrap of lace I had to ad a little bit more to the skirt.

It was so easy to make, and took me about an hour.
Guess what Blythe will be wearing all summer?

Oh yeah, and by the way?


liza said...

Cute!!! Viv has worn hers twice already! It was a hit at preschool.

Nicole *Ü* said...

I love this skirt. I think you should make Katie one with all that fabric you cut off the bottom of Blythe's so it doesn't go to waste!! :D

Sherri said...

Where can I find this tutorial?