Cali-forn-yie-AAAAAA pt2. (Sound it Out)

On Tuesday we headed to the beach, and found ourselves in Santa Monica.
I heart it.
I would live there, but I don't have a million dollars.
Do you?
Will you give it to me?



Blythe was not to sure about the ocean.
I think she was intimidated by the noise.

oh yeah, and not to mention the moving water.
Look at her feet between Jameson's legs :)
But eventually she got comfy enough to let us put her down.
Then we headed over to the pier and hit up some rides.
Ate greasy overpriced food.
Had a conversation with a homeless man about Obama's healthcare.
And of course hugged a metal dolphin.
The day ended with some swimming.
And the sunset over Space Mountain.
Ahhhhh Cali.

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Melanie and Steve Barnes said...

Why didn't you take me with you??? Haha, just kidding. Looks like you guys had fun. I am such a big fan of Cali myself. I think we will live there someday. If someone gives us a million dollars. Blythe is ADORABLE. But you already knew that :)