Just For Blythe

My little girl has gotten so big.
And I don't know when it happened!
It's like I woke up one day and she'd grown out of all her clothes and moved up a diaper size.
Wow, it really does go by so fast.

So up until now Blythe has been sleeping in a crib.
And her crib has been located in her room/office/storage room.
Basically, it's just been in the corner, surrounded by boxes and junk.
You can feel free to judge me. It was not very cool.
So when the time came to put her in a big girl bed, we decided it was also time to clear the room out and make it just for her.

And that's just what we did.
Anyone who saw it before....prepare yourselves....

Cute huh?
I still have some artwork to hang up and I'm finishing the quilt for her bed, but Blythe LOVES it!! It makes me feel worse that we didn't do it before now, but oh well.
She keeps going in there and running around the empty space in the middle.
AND, she sleeps in her big girl bed now with now problem.
If anyone knows where the time went, could you let me know?

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peckette said...

OH MY GOSH! It looks awesome!