Mother Nature, May We Have a Word?

Ok, I'm not one to complain.
So I am. BUT.
I think you will agree with me when I say, WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THIS WEATHER???
Yesterday almost a foot of snow!
Today outside running around on the grass blowing bubbles in just a sweater.
With no snow?
It's Spring.
Birds are chirping.
The sun is trying to shine.
It's April.
Sigh. Oh well, at least the Earth is getting a good watering.
Maybe it will be green just a little longer this year before we get baked and everything turns a lovely shade of beige.
One can always hope.

p.s. Interesting news will grace this page sometime this weekend. Stay tuned...


Heather said...

don't ya just love Utah weather......ha ha! and oh btw....how the hell are you???its been way to long!

Michelle said...

So what's the interesting news? did I miss it?