Talking About My Grandma.

This lovely lady is my Grandma.
My Dad's mom.
Oh how I love her.
She is 92 years old and still going strong.
She uses a walker, and when she's on flat ground, I have to run to keep up with her.
She loves to shop, drive, garden, go to church, but most of all she loves her family.
She knows each of us personally.
And loves each of us unconditionally.
Oh I love love love her.

Look at her hands.....
Is it weird that I think of them as hands of wisdom?
They have worked hard.
Been wrung with worry.
Wiped away tears.
Folded in prayer.
Whenever I look at them I think of the stories they could tell.
Can you imagine the things she's seen in her lifetime?

She has lots of pictures of her grandkids.
Oh the pictures.
This is just one wall....
I mentioned she loves to garden?
Well not just outside.
She has cacti in her house the size of....
well, look for yourself....
And my personal favorite, check these baby's out....
I LOVE these chairs, and have laid my claim on them when she wants to get rid of them.

My Grandma.
I'm so lucky to have had such and example of pure faith, honesty and loveliness in my life.


Nicole *Ü* said...

I LOVE Grandma!! And she's still only 91. ;)

Janet B. said...

I love your Grandma too! She continues to be a source of amazement and good example to many of us.

Lisa said...

i LOVE your grandma too. i hope that is okay.