Nursemaid's Elbow???

So last night Jameson, Blythe and I went down to my inlaws and I made dinner for Jameson's family to celebrate Jameson's birthday before we went out of town.
Spaghetti with Browned Butter & Mizthyra Cheese.
Grilled Herbed Chicken Breasts.
Ceasar Salad courtesy of Heidi.
French Bread with Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil Dip.
Just in case you wanted to know.


Oh yeah, and cookies and cream cake.
NEVER EVER EVER forget to mention if there was cake.


After we had eaten we were all sitting in the living room visiting when Blythe decided she didn't want to listen to Jameson's warnings that it was time to calm down.
So after the threat of time out and the count to three, he took her by the hand and led her into the kitchen to put her on the spot.
He got half way into the kitchen when Blythe, in classic toddler form, stopped walking in an attempt to throw herself to the ground in dramatic fashion.
Jameson, not wanting her to hit her head on the tile floor, pulled up on her arm right when she twisted funny and Blythe went from whining to full on scream.

Now you know how as a mom you know the difference between cries? Well, this was a 'Something is hurting me badly' cry so I jumped up and went into see what was wrong. She was sitting on Jameson's lap, screaming 'owie,owie' over and over and holding her left arm to her body. When I tried to take a look at it, she just got louder.
Chalking it up to her being very tired, I took her in my arms and sat down to rock her.
Fifteen minutes later she was still crying so Jameson suggested we head home.
We got her in the car, after much more screaming, and before we were on the freeway she was asleep. But during the 25 minute car ride home every time she would move, or bump her arm she would wake up and cry for a minute. At this point I was convinced it was more than just a little pain in her arm.

When we got home my Dad (who for those of you who don't know is a doctor), was still up watching tv so we took Blythe upstairs for him to look at her arm. Of course when he moved it she would scream, and it was beginning to swell just a bit and he recommended that we get it xrayed.

So back in the car we went and we headed up to Primary Children's Hospital. I know it seems a little bit out of the way for just an xray but I'm a freak when it comes to my kids healthcare and up there they know what they are doing and are AMAZING with kids. Luckily they weren't busy at all and we went right in. When the doctor came in the room, Blythe had stopped crying and even wanted to shake his hand :) He asked us what had happened and took a quick look and said it looked like a classic case of "Nursemaids Elbow".
He said it was very common in toddlers and was the good news was it was a quick fix. But the bad news, a very painful quick fix. So while the nurse blew bubbles the doctor rotated her arm, then bent it, Blythe SCREAMED, and whala! Just like that, it was fixed. The radius popped right back in place! And no sooner had he finished that she was reaching for the bubbles with both hands and started laughing. And mom here let out a huge sigh of relief.

That was it. Easy as that. I was and am SO very grateful that it was that simple and it wasn't broken or anything. And also let this be a shout out to the staff at Primary Children's.
AMAZING. They are so sweet, and helpful, and sensitive to my child's needs as well as my feelings. I HIGHLY recommend them.

After the doctor was done the nurse gave Blythe the bubbles and a little stuffed animal to take home with her. And the doctor brought her a slushy along with her discharge papers. We were in and out in 45 minutes, and left with a laughing, bubbly, Blythe.

My heart truly goes out to those who are not so lucky to walk out those door with their children. Seriously brave parents out there.


Joni said...

Youch! Bob's niece did this at our house a few years ago...easy fix, but still scary until it's fixed!

Snow Family said...

That has happened to Connor twice now! The second time I took Connor to the pediatrician and she popped it back into place. She showed me how to do it, incase it happens again.. and I hope it doesn't! It's really scary to go through!

Michelle said...

Ouch! Glad it could be fixed so (almost) easily! Hope you're having fun!