It's the one word I would use to describe my immune system at this very moment in time.
It's supposed to protect you right?
Well, mines fired.
I'm sick again.
I've been sicker, is that a word, more times in the past six months then I have been in my whole life.
And all I can think about is how the first of our summer has been wasted just sitting around trying to get better.
Poor Blythe.
She's a bored lady these days. I feel bad.

Have I mentioned lately how amazing my husband is?
He works the graveyard shift then comes home
in the morning and stays awake all day to
take care of Blythe even though he's exausted
I spelled that wrong.
I'm so so so grateful for him and everything he does.
His name is Jameson.
Sexy name for a sexy man.
This is him attempting to console Blythe after what seemed to be a bad dream.

They were made for each other.
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Daddy for her.
She's a lucky little lady, as am I.
Lucky that is, not little by any means :)

I'm shaking as I write this.
This virus has really rocked me and wiped me out to my core.

If I watch any more 'Billy The Exterminator',
I'm going to stop feeling comfortable anywhere in my house.

Blythe is this bored.
She found entertainment in a paper bag for almost an hour yesterday.

We also discovered that she's very allergic to these yellow flowers.
Oh yeah, she's also found her calling as a princess.
We've been watching an America's Next Top Model marathon....can you tell?

Orange Gatorade has a horrible after taste.
I have crazy dreams when I'm sick.
I dreamt that I'd moved away to college and came
home and all my aunts and uncles had gathered
around my house to try and get the ice off the roof.
In the middle of June.

Summer better watch it, cuz when
I get better I'm going to kick it's ass.
yep, I said ass.

Love you my readers.

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peckette said...

Love you! LOL Feel better!