Playground Etiquette. Maybe?

Last week, in the healthier days, I took Blythe to the park to get some of her energy out. When I got her out of the car, she ran for the slide while I set up camp under one of the huge shade trees next to the playground.
I tired to read my book while she played but I have total ADD so I gave up on that a few minutes later and started to watch her play.
I also watched some of the other kids running around, laughing at their antics, matching them with parents, and so on.
Then I noticed this one girl.
She had to be at least four years old and was directly in her mother's view.
How do I know this? Because she called for her once or twice for help on the bars.
As I watched this girl I grew more and more frustrated
because she was SO rude to the other children.
She would butt in front of kids waiting their turn on
the slide, then turn around and run right back up it so no one could go.
She pulled one boy off the bars so she could cross them,
all the while making him cry.
And she would call kids names and was just,
well, rude little girl.
Now, don't get me wrong, I know kids will be kids
BUT, her mom sat there and watched it all.
And didn't do anything!
I know I'm not the perfect parent,
and sometimes it can be hard to control your toddler,
but seriously, isn't there some sort of playground etiquette?
I just think that it's wrong to let your kid treat other children that way.

Maybe I'm wrong?

Your thoughts?


Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

No I think you are right! I can't stand when parents just sit and watch their child mis-behave. It is ok to tell your child no, and that isn't nice, and to have them say sorry. Some people!

Hales Family said...

I'm not afraid to say it: I HATE a lot of other people's kids.

Like the one that threw my cousin's daughter off of a slide and broke her arm, or the kid that told Lindsy that she was fat (are you freaking kidding me!) causing her to obsess at the tender age of 7, about her thighs!

The sad thing is, that as much as I hate these kids... I DESPISE their parents! I want so badly to smack them in the face and tell them to BE PARENTS! Teach your kids how to respect others! AGH! And don't even get me started about parents who bring sick kids to non-essential activities. Thanks for sharing, JERKS!

(P.S. Although I'm standing high on my soap box... just thought I'd also tell you that I love your blog, and am currently holding a rather large bag of fabric for you! Get better soon!)