Best. Summer. Ever.

Since this summer really hasn't gotten off to the best start,
while I sat awake all last night I decided to take a trip down memory
lane back to the best summer of my life.
The Summer of 2003.
Take a look at this pic.
See me, that kind of disgustingly tan chick in the
back with the totally rad sweat band?

That summer I worked at an all girls summer camp
called Lake Bryn Mawr Camp in the Pocono Mountains of PA.
I was on the aquatics staff as well as a counselor
in a bunk in charge of thirteen 12 year old girls.
Oh man was it a good summer.
I made awesome friends, tons of memories,
laughed until my stomach hurt on a daily basis, and just had a blast.
Can't ever think about it without smiling.

Just wanted to share.


Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

Hey I was a counselor at a Soccer Camp in 02 in Cali. I had no idea you did something like that too! That is awesome.

Rachel said...

The cupcakes at the top of your page look delicious!!!