to make things interesting...

I've been sick.
Did you know that?
I think I might have mentioned it a time or two.
But, just in case you didn't hear...
I've been sick. Super sick.
Yesterday landed me in the ER in need of fluids and pain meds.
'Twas awful, but I'm home now, and SLOWLY starting to feel better.

And guess what we started today?
It's time.
I was asked why do it while I'm sick?
Well, she's more than ready and I thought
what a better time than when we are hanging out at home right?
She did amazing today.
Only one accident.
We've got Skittles, DumDums, Gummy Bears and a sticker chart.
oh the motivation.

Anyone know what happened to my baby?
If you see her will you send her back?
This little lady in my house is starting to freak me out.

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