Thinking About....

I spent the summer of 2003 working back East at a summer camp for girls.
On one of my nights off me and a few of my fellow staff members headed into town to see Pirates of the Caribbean for the 9th time.
(12 total for the summer)
After the movie, the six of us packed into my friend's
little Honda Civic named Sushi, and began the drive back up the mountain to camp.
I was sitting in the back seat in the middle, right below the open moonroof.
It was about 70 degrees and you could smell the humidity in the air.
The radio was on and Jon Mayer was singing "Why Georgia?"
There were no city lights around so the stars were
shining bright, and everyone in the car was quiet.

Why am I telling you this?

Do you ever have those times where you are
getting stressed out, or you're in pain,
or you just need to get away and someone says to you,
"go to your happy place?"

Well, this just happens to be mine.

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