Date Night Revival.

I love being a mom. Oh I love it.
And most days I put my all into it, and in doing so, forget that I'm also a wife.
Don't get me wrong, I take good care of my man, and love him to pieces, but sometimes, I need to completely focus on being a wife.
Insert date night.
So very very important in my opinion.
Marriage is a toughie and takes work every single day.
Having one on one time, time that you actually set apart for each other, I think makes a HUGE HUGE difference.
And tonight we did just that.
Thanks to my in-laws, and a certain donor, who shall remain nameless, Jameson and I got to go to a movie alone tonight.
It was so nice.
Great movie, "The Town", I highly recommend it.
Yummo popcorn and soda.
Sneaking kisses in the dark.
And just enjoying each other's company.

I am going to try to bring date night back.
Twice a month.
Even if it's a trip to the grocery store alone.
It's important I tell you.

I'm going to go paint my nails silver now.

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