It's Halloween time here at the Morrills.
Well it's Halloween time everywhere, but here at the Morrills, we go all out.

Hence the twinkle lights and fake spiderwebs.

And my annual cemetery.

Which I'm very proud of.

And stop to admire, every time I pass.
Awesome huh?
And my new wreath this year...
I so proud cuz I MADE IT!!!!

Oh, and there's this guy:
Scares the S%#* out of me every time I open the door.
And Blythe mutters,"it's not real", every time she walks by him.


Wanna win these yummy smell goods?

Leave me a commet telling me your favorite holiday/tradition by
And I'll randomly choose a winner Tuesday night!

Happy October everyone!!!!


Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

I have many traditions.....But one of my favorites is going trick or treating! Now that I have kids, it is even better! I love the moment we get them all dressed up and ready to go! And every year we make sure to stop at each grandparents house, and there are always special treats for us from them.

peckette said...

My favorite is taking the kids trick or treating. Halloween was getting really boring, now that we have kids, it really makes it fun! Love it!

Heidi Hiller said...

I MUST tell you about my new favorite!! It's one I've only been introduced to since being married into the Hiller family!!
The night before Thanksgiving is officially Pie Night! Yes, instead of dinner, we eat pie! I mean, not just one slice of pie! We have a spread of more than 20-30 pies! Everyone, and I mean everyone is invited! It's not just a family affair!
This was done because of the love of pie in the family. You are always so full from the big Thanksgiving dinner and then they usually pull out the pies and you are never as excited to eat the pie, but this helps you get the best of both world! But, don't worry, we still pull out the leftovers from pie night and eat what we can after the big Thanksgiving feast! Pie twice? That's my favorite!!
Had to share since it's my favorite EVER! And I hope I win too! :)

The Cunningham Clan said...

Any holiday tradition or just Halloween? Well, I will stick with Halloween since it is my FAVORITE!!!! I think my fav Halloween tradition would having my family dress up all in character. For example: Peter Pan theme this year, Little Red Riding Hood theme last year, etc.

I used to do a huge party every year to but being prego or having babies near Halloween has put that tradition on hold.

Nicole *Ü* said...

Favorite Halloween tradition or the upcoming holidays? I'll just go with Halloween here since that seems to be the theme.....

Just trunk or treating at the church! I think it's a blast!!! However, I'm also quite found of the newly started Aunt Nikki's Pumpkin Patch held at my house!!! Which will be held here shortly, not sure when yet, but soon!!!

And your cemetary looks way more scary in those close-ups than it does in real life. LOL However, that guy is quite freaky and I might just have to mutter he's not real right along with Blythe. Oh, and thanks for the warning that he's there. He might have scared the begeezbies out of me otherwise!!

Rachel said...

So my recent tradition for Halloween is that I have been making the kids trick or treat buckets to match their costumes. It's so fun, and they love them. This year, Superman and Tinker Bell!