Winner And A Block.

I haven't blogged in a week.
And guess why?
I have a block.
A HUGE block.
I have several things on my mind these days and it's all I think about so my blog has been put on the back burner.

Blythe is in the other room watching 'Ice Age' for the first time in the other room and she keeps running out and telling me about it.
Little things like this make my day.

Winner of my little Halloween giveaway:

Blogger The Cunningham Clan said...

Any holiday tradition or just Halloween? Well, I will stick with Halloween since it is my FAVORITE!!!! I think my fav Halloween tradition would having my family dress up all in character. For example: Peter Pan theme this year, Little Red Riding Hood theme last year, etc.

I used to do a huge party every year to but being prego or having babies near Halloween has put that tradition on hold.

Congrats Heather!! I'll be dropping your goodies by your house in the next day or two.

So my readers, sit tight.
I'll be back.

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