1st Annual Fall Colors Tour.

I read NieNie.
Do you?
Well, you should.
She's amazing.
And just plain lovely.
Every year she does a
I copied her.
So there.
It was awesome.
Even Jameson had fun.

Have you met Jameson?
He's super handsome.
We pulled over part way up the canyon and got out to throw rocks in the river.
I walked in the middle of a ton of trees and took pictures.
Then I fell down.
Then looked down and took this picture.
I always forget what a gorgeous state we live in.
Simply Amazing.
I love being up in the canyon this time of year.
The air is perfect and clean and the colors are so vivid.
For just a minute I like to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and forget about the stressors.

As I type this Blythe is sending me texts from Aunt Sarah's phone.
They are delightful.

I'll talk about our Halloween another day.
I only took one picture, and it was from my phone.

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