Halloween. Our Halloween.

Okay so I lied, I took four pictures on Halloween.
But it's about 50 less than I wanted to.
Oh well, grateful for my four.
They are as follows:

All taken at the retirement community
that my Granna lives at now.
It was so much fun,
all the residents sat in a
long squiggly line and handed out candy.
Where was that when I was little?
We had to hike for our candy!
After Granna's we headed over
to our church parking lot for 'Trunk o Treat'
where most of the ward members
decorated their trunks and handed out candy.
Total blast.
Then it rained.
We left.
Bed for Blythe.
Scary movie, some kissing.
Our Halloween in a nutshell.
Boo the rain.

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