This past week is started to feel like Spring.
They call it the 'January Thaw'.
I call it Mother Nature's way of saying 'PSYCH!'

The sky is blue today. And the sun is out! I love it.
I'm so so excited for Spring, can you tell?


This picture is one of my favorite in the world:

This is Blythe and my Uncle David.
They share a birthday.
But as this picture shows, they share a little something else as well.


Yesterday was really emotional and I had a complete breakdown at work.
Couldn't stop crying. It was weird.
Much better today.
But totally embarrassed because I don't like bringing personal stuff to work.


I want to make this wreath.

I need to start collecting vintage ornaments.


Blythe is almost fully potty trained.
Love it.



peckette said...

LOVE that wreath! Hope you are doing ok, call me anytime you want, I will be here if you need anything! Love ya!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

The photo of your Uncle and daughter is PRICELESS!

And that wreath would be oh so fun to have hanging next year...perhaps you could "vintage" up some new ornaments with inks, Copic Markers, Smooch Spritz, glitter and such??