The Sunbeam.

On Sunday Blythe had her first day of Primary.

She's a sunbeam.
And as you can see. They colored on little suns.

She told me all about her new
friends in her class and that they got to sing and play instruments.
And that she couldn't
wait to go again.
Bummed that there isn't snack
time anymore though.
Because you know.
The snacks she gets in Sacrament
meeting aren't enough. :)

Love Sundays.
Getting dressed up just makes
me hold my head a little higher.
Even though I don't wear nylons.

Shout out to Aunt Sarah for the totally rad shoes.

She says 'Meow' a lot when she wears them.


Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

Oh she is SOOOOO cute! And those shoes ROCK!

Joni said...

Sounds like Blythe has amazing teachers...and she couldn't be cuter. Avery may need a pair of meow shoes!

peckette said...

She looks so adorable! I LOVE her outfit!

Anonymous said...

you must tell us where Aunt Sarah got those shoes. I am in love.

Anonymous said...

Gap Kids! For the kitty shows

Anonymous said...

* shoes* lol

Anonymous said...

* shoes* lol